Volunteer Information

Currently, our volunteer roster is full, except for volunteering to assist with Food Drives, where we are always looking for help.  If you are interested in being placed on our “reserve” list for future involvement, please email us at info@medfieldfoodcupboard.com.  Below is a list of our volunteer opportunities.


Shelving:  This is usually a once a month rotation, checking expiration dates and putting away the donated items. The timing during your “week” is flexible.  Minor lifting may be required, and there is a lot of bending and standing on concrete floors.  In addition, you may be asked to help out with incoming food drives. For the most part, shelvers work alone.

Packing:  Packers come in every two weeks opposite the weeks of distribution to pack pre-determined numbers of food products for the upcoming distribution.  Minor lifting may be required, but there is a lot of bending and standing.  The time commitment is approximately 2 hours every 2 weeks.  This is a team effort.


Home deliveries: Drivers are required to deliver groceries those clients unable to visit the Food Cupboard.  This requires a valid drivers license, car, and the ability to carry/lift bags of groceries.  While most of the packing is done earlier in the day by the Set-up team, home delivery folks add last minute items to their clients’ bags of groceries.  The time commitment is from 4:15 to 5:30 on Distribution days.

This volunteer opportunity requires confidentiality, as there is direct client contact.  Volunteers should be also be personable.

Distribution: These volunteers oversee the client food pick-up, checking in clients, keeping the tables full, and, in general, monitoring the client shopping.  Distribution is usually every two weeks, and this is time commitment from 5:15 to 7:00 p.m. when all left-overs are returned to the cupboard.  Confidentiality is of the utmost importance in this roll.

Lugging:  This is the most physically challenging job in the Food Cupboard. Luggers carry the bins of food packed by the packers up to the Church Social Hall from the Food Cupboard.  People with bad back or knees should not volunteer for this committee.  This is an approximately 45 minute time commitment starting at 8:30 a.m. on the mornings that the Food Cupboard is open.  The camaraderie in this group is infectious! 

Set up:  If you would like to work mornings, our Set-Up folks work every Distribution morning, setting up the tables of food selections for our clients.  All of the items have been carried from the Cupboard, and this job requires unpacking the bins and setting up the items as one would in a grocery store.  In addition, Set-Up volunteers pack for the homebound clients. The time commitment is from approximately 9:30 to 11:00 a.m.

Pick-Up: Those working pick-up collect donations at various locations around Medfield, such as the bins at the library, Shaw’s, and the the Pfaff Center.  Pick-ups usually occur between 8:30 and 4:30 so that the items can be delivered to the Food Cupboard during hours the church is open.  This is an ideal volunteer opportunity for families.

Shopping:  Our shoppers comb the weekly grocery store flyers looking for the best bargains.  We purchase all of our meat, and often are required to supplement the stock on hand donated through our bins and food drives, by purchasing case lots.  Shoppers place the grocery order and then pick up and deliver the items to the Food Cupboard as needed.

Food Drives:  Food Drives are the life blood of the Food Cupboard.  If you are interested in helping with a food drive, please let us know.  These are usually scheduled in advance, but are not predictable.  We always need people to help deliver the food to the Cupboard, sort it, check expiration dates, and carry it down to the Cupboard in the basement.  If you are willing to be “on call” for food drives, or if you are interested in organizing a food drive for your neighborhood or organization, please contact us.

At this time, there are no  volunteer openings except for Food Drives.   If you would like to volunteer your time and/or talents to the Medfield Food Cupboard, please email us at: info@medfieldfoodcupboard.com.   We will get back to you quickly, and connect you with the right group for training when an opening arises.

Please remember that we are not open every day of the week, and our volunteer schedule is established around our distribution calendar and church events.  It may be that the hours you have available do not mesh with the hours we are working. The only weekend hours we have available are usually in conjunction with a food drive. But we certainly hope that we can find some way for you to participate.


Due to the physical location of the Food Cupboard and the lifting that occurs in many roles, there are not many opportunities for parents to volunteer with young children.  The 2 areas where younger (younger than middle school) children easily be involved is in the collection of items donated at our bins (Pfaff Center, Library, Shaw’s), and in community food drives.


Teenagers typically become involved in either the distribution or food drive aspects of the Medfield Food Cupboard, and use this experience to complete their community service requirements for various organizations.  At this time we do not need any teenage volunteers for distribution, but there is always a need for student involvement in the food drive process.  We do have some age requirements, due to confidentiality.  Please contact us at info@medfieldfoodcupboard if you are interested in assisting with a food drive.  If you are looking for community service credit, we may be able to direct you to another local organization looking for student involvement.  Please contact us.


Any scout looking for an Eagle/Gold Award project, please contact Tracey Rogers (traceyrogers5@gmail.com) regarding your interest, and she will work to help you complete your goals.  As always, Scout food drives are a vital part of the Food Cupboard, and we rely on them to help fill our shelves.


Many thanks to all of our supporters!